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Anyone who helps us by making a one-time donation will get their name, business name, or organization's name on our Home Page! The amount of the donation determines how those names get listed, and certain amounts and higher may get their name on some of our printed materials as well. (i.e. t-shirts, etc...)

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We have 4 Donation Levels you can choose.... 

Diamond Sponsors
$150 - 6 Months
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* Diamond Sponsors get their Logo displayed on our Home Page and will be allowed to have a link to their own website attached to that Logo or Graphic.
* Diamond Sponsors will also receive their name printed on our t-shirts.
Gold Sponsors
$125 - 6 Months
$200 - 12 Months
* Gold Sponsors get their Logo displayed on our Home Page.
* Gold Sponsors will also receive their name printed on our t-shirts.
Silver Sponsors
$75 - 6 Months
* Silver Sponsors will get their Logo or Graphic on our Home Page.
Ruby Sponsors
$50 - 6 Months
* Ruby Sponsors get their Logo on our Sponsor's Page.
Sponsor's information will be kept on our site for period listed.
You will then be given the option to donate again to keep your Logo
or Name listed on our website.

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Heartland Talent Showcase
1922 Sherwood Dr.
Cape Girardeau, MO.  63701

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