5th Annual

Saturday, October 1, 2016
Perry Parks Center- Perryville, Mo.

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Junior Division 
1st Place - Kate Lipke
2nd Place - Sienna Hahn
3rd Place - Grace Petzoldt
4th Place - Grace Morgan

Audience Choices:
Evie Ford, Malie Cook, Claire Pfautsch, Piper Landgraf, and Molly Jacobs
Intermediate Division 
1st Place - Elise Edwards
2nd Place - Ben Schumer
3rd Place - Anna Schuchardt (Not pictured above)
4th Place - Hayley Rosborg

Audience Choices:
Evan Missey, Layton Lipke, Andrew Jedlinski, Connor Missey, and Duet of Andrew Jedlinski and JC Kusenkothen
Senior Division 
1st Place - Cameron Tyler
2nd Place - Josh Humphries
3rd Place - Waiting for the Robert E. Lee Dance Group from Kentucky 

We would like to thank our Finals Prize Sponsors for your help making this another
great Heartland Talent Showcase Finals!