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We would like to thank you for anything you can give! The money will be put
to good use in this area. You may also benefit from the exposure you or your
company/organization will receive on our Site.

We gladly accept Donations of any amount. Heartland Talent Showcase is a non-profit
organization dedicated to providing encouragement to our youth and in these tough times
we feel it is more important than ever to do all that we can!

The Donations we are given from our Sponsors supports the arts in our area. We
hold Talent Shows from April until September, and then a Grand Finale Event in
October. We give out prizes for the winners at each event and at our Final Event. Heartland
Talent Showcase also will award a Scholarship to one child at the end of the Showcase
Year! With your help we can add to these prizes and give the talented youth in this
area something to work towards!

Heartland Talent Showcase will also host Special Events during the year and
invite the performers from our shows to attend. These Events will help raise
awareness and to show some of the great talent that is located here.

Sponsors will also receive a monthly newsletter informing them of what we
are planning and other great information. Any size Donation will get you or
your company/organization onto our Sponsors Page for 6 months!

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mail a Donation to us at the following address. Please include your name and
contact information, as well as the name of your company/organization. Send To:
 Heartland Talent Showcase
c/o Marlene' Creech-Dudley
1922 Sherwood Dr.
Cape Girardeau, MO. 63701

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